Mary O'Neal, MD

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Dr. O’Neal is an expert in Women’s Neurology. Her contributions include both patient and physician education. She planned and designed a patient-oriented web site. She organizes a CME accredited monthly multispecialty conference in a variety of aspects of women’s neurology. Also, she’s written multiple chapters and papers on this subject. She has edited several books including: “Neurological Illness in Pregnancy”, “Women’s Neurology- what do I do now?”, the Neurologic Clinics edition on the “Neurology of Pregnancy” and “Neurology and Psychiatry of Women: A Guide to Gender-based Issues in Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment”. Dr. O’Neal directs a Harvard Medical School course in Women’s Neurology and Psychiatry and for many years directed the Neurology of Pregnancy course at the American Academy of Neurology. In addition, she co-directs an obstetrical neurology course. In the venue of seeing primarily women, she has become interested in functional neurological disorders, FNDs, and partnered with my colleagues in epilepsy and neuropsychiatry to establish a FND clinic and weekly conference.