Lindsay Alfano, DPT, PCS

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Dr. Lindsay Alfano is a physical therapist specializing in the care and evaluation of patients with progressive neuromuscular diseases and expertise in outcome measure development, evaluation, and administration. She is involved in several ongoing clinical trials analyzing and measuring outcomes in children and adults with neuromuscular disease. Dr. Alfano has developed several novel functional outcome measures including the ACTIVE system, 100 meter timed test, and Neuromuscular GRO. She has presented nationally and internationally on the study of functional outcome measures and is part of an international consortium aimed at training of outcome measures for upcoming and ongoing clinical trials. Dr. Alfano’s primary research goal is to develop and promote the optimal assessment tools to measure both cross-sectional and longitudinal differences in movement ability while minimizing the burden of testing in patients with progressive neuromuscular disorders. The purpose of her research is to guide the field, both academic and in industry, to improve the efficiency of clinical trial testing and optimize clinical trial results, as well as confidence in those results.