Behavioral Neurology Lesion Analysis Meets Systems Neuroscience

Date/Time: Monday, October 14, 2019 - 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Level: Special Interest Group
Room: Majestic B
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Focal lesions studies have long played a central role in our understanding of the human brain by revealing which structures are critical for specific functions. But focal lesion studies have important limitations, including remote effects of a lesion on other brain regions, compensation during the chronic phase, and injuries to fibers passing through the lesion boundaries. In recent years, new approaches to understanding distributed and complex brain functions and neurological symptoms have emerged, providing exciting new insights and avenues for future research. In this session, speakers will discuss modern lesion analyses, which integrate multimodal structural and functional brain imaging with other physiological approaches and leverage emerging frameworks from systems neuroscience. Domains of cognitive function discussed will include arousal/consciousness, language, emotion, and others.


  • Understand new findings in behavioral neurology literature
    Learn how to design studies using methods and frameworks that reflect contemporary understanding
    Understand how to localize complex neurological functions and symptoms using a network-based approach